Christiane Holzheid

like a roller coaster ride

In RESEARCH QUESTIONS on October 1, 2008 at 11:10 pm

Right now I feel like everyday I am moving on with my ideas and the next day I am at point 0 again… very frustrating. Well maybe it is a little bit more like taking a tiny step forwards, 10 steps backwards, and another little step forward… O.K anyways. From objects and their behaviors and tricking people – to fragmented stories and interactions  – to… This is where I am right now. And actually this maybe is a whole step forward. Lets see.

There are a few things (words, ideas , facts, statements) I have collected throughout this few weeks, that I think are true, make sense, and I need to hold on to.

Ok lets revise a little first.
So I was talking about my interest in evoking narrative and imagination by tapping into peoples’ dreams – concentrating on GESTURE / PSYCHOLOGY / MATERIALITY / TACTILITY

I wrote last week:

“… your personal dream of the impossible – the magical – the bizarre – super natural powers -giving you this special kind of feeling, power, thrill – that brings something unexpected.
but not in a cheesy way  – the words that come to mind are – charming / humble / playful.”

I was thinking quite a lot – not really getting anywhere – being interested in word plays like “accurate forecast, almost never, back seat driver, … wearing many hats… caught my attention…
I watched PULP FICTION (for the fragmented storytelling)  – what does fragmentation add to stories or give to the viewer?
what do I want people to walk away with – what do I want to add as a designer?
How to connect reality with the unreal…

and once again I ended up looking at Michel Gondry‘ work – he is all about “… child like explorative eye, my work is my playground, tells stories about people and their lives while questioning our reality NATURE / SOCIETY / MIND…”

I also like things and like to create things, where you look at and have a certain expectation, but when you look closer or again you are surprised and actually it is totally not what you have expected.

Ok so where does this leave me and where did this get me?

My collection:

– BRINGING THINGS TO LIFE – it was pointed out to me that maybe I interested in MAKING AN ILLUSTRATION IN REAL LIFE? very interesting this thought has never crossed my mind – animating life – but not being an animator.
– cause some kind of disruption, disturbance, stirring something into motion… maybe break some sort of circle / system and have the viewer walk away a little confused….
SYSTEMS – there is a clear part for the audience or the individual viewer – he/she is part of the story – only with them is the story fully realized in its own way.

… I am picking a dream I want to do magic!


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