Christiane Holzheid

Scott Brown THE PIANO MAN out of Wired magazine

In INSPIRATION on September 23, 2008 at 10:51 am

I was just reading in Wired magazine issue OCT 08 when I came across the following article by Scott Brown about PANDORA.

“I have a problem. I am tune-deaf. Can Music app Pandora save me?”

In the article he is telling about his bad taste in music since early age. “bad taste was less of a problem when our our playlists were private affairs. Today, however, our personal soundtracks broadcast who we are, and it’s simply not acceptable to swan around with the Indigo Girls….” people judge you by your taste in music and it can get pretty embarrassing. The author write about how PANDORA is specially designed “to refine and expand your aural palate by working with your preferences, not against them” He explains how his music taste and his relationship to PANDORA got rather personal and PANDORA would be ugly to him. At first it worked out all right “PANDORA, how about a little Billy Joel tonight?  And that’s when PANDORA and I had our first fight. She saw ,my Billy Joel and raised me Don Henley…. and he goes on  how after a while you are not allowed to skip the songs it gives you anymore…. “I’ve learned what not to expect from a preference-driven software: … if you wait long enough you’ll eventually be vindicated by a computer.”

This article really made me laugh because yes how true is it. Just now I-tunes added the genus bar to my music selections. I was and actually I am still very freaked out by it – some other thing watching my music and my actions and trying to tell me more and lead me to buy more music. But on the other side it safes me so much more time to just quickly see what is new and might be my taste…. I have to think about this a little bit more.


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