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Literature I am going to read or have read already

In BIBLIOGRAPHY on September 23, 2008 at 10:08 am

This weekend I have gathered a list of books that interest me and I think would be very helpful to guide me with my interest or help me finding it or deepen it… Some of the books I have already read or started. During the next weeks I will try to upload my reading notes and comments I have about the individual books.

There is one I am particular excited about I found it yesterday at Skylight Books

SKIN a Natural History by Nina G. Jablonski

“… The skin houses the body’s most ancient sense, touch. Sometimes referred to as the “mother of the senses,” touch has not garnered the scientific or public attention it deserves, …”

The DESIGN of EVERYDAY THINGS by Donald A. Norman

“… Well-designed objects are easy to interpret and understand. They contain visible clues to their operation. Poorly designed objects can be difficult and frustrating to use. They provide no clues – or sometimes false clues. They trap the user and thwart the normal process of interpretation and understanding. Alas, poor design predominates. The result is a world filled with frustration, with objects that cannot be understood, …”

JANFAMILY Plans for Other Days

“We are Janfamily. Each of us and all of us are called Jan. We are related but come from different places. We speak in individual voices, together, we speak up. This is how much we know. What we are made of and what makes us. We are making sense. Sit down where it feels comfortable. Sit down where it doesn’t feel comfortable. Do the book…”, “How to grow attached… If you force the branches on a tree to touch while growing, they sometimes will become one”

SHAPING THINGS by Bruce Sterling

“This book is about created objects and the environment, which is to say, it’s a book about everything. Seen from sufficient distances, this is a small topic.”


“In social sciences, there is an understanding emphasis on getting permission from subjects – obtaining informed consent to study them. But studying how technology enters the inner life also requires that you give permission to the subject… ”

ART OBJECTS: Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery by Jeanette Winterson

“… But, you may say, how can I know what is good and what is not good? I may wince at the cheap seascape over the mantelpiece but does that necessarily mean I should go to the Tate Gallery and worship a floor full of dyed rice? Years ago, when I was living very briefly wit ha stockbroker who had a good cellar, I asked him how I could learn about wine. “Drink it’ he said”


“We are chatting, as always, a bout stuff around the house, and one of us, I forget which, remarks on the numbers of CDs we can see. Simon then tells us he has some 15,000 records and 2,000 CDs in storage. At first we just continued chatting. Then suddenly I feel as though something has just got stuck in my brain. I had started to vizualise what 15,000 records in storage…”

THE MEANING OF THINGS Domestic Symbols and the Self by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Eugene Rochberg-Halton

“Of all the things that people use and surround themselves with, our study will concentrate primarily on thoses objects they keep in their homes…”


“She can’t imagine that he brought this for her. If he was going to bring her a present she’d like flowers, a scarf, even a record…”

Besides the title and that it is really an awesome read, it doesn’t have much to do with what I am looking for. But I am only into chapter one and can’t wait to continue reading it.


” With ‘smart’ materials, unorthodox assembly techniques, and the right tools, you can create accessories, home accent, and toys that light up…”

DOT DOT DOT Magazine

Wired Magazine


“Building electronic projects that interact with the physical world is good fun. But when devices that you’ve build start to talk to each other, things really start to get interesting…”

NEW MEDIA ART by Mark Tribe and Reena Jana

“we explore the computer from the inside, and mirror this in the net. When a viewer looks at our work, we are inside his computer… And we are honored to be in somebody’s computer. You are very close to a person when you are on his desktop. I think the computer is a device to get into someone’s mind.”

MIXING MESSAGES Graphic Design in Contemporary Culture by Ellen Lupton

“Graphic Design shapes the meaning and impact of all that we see and read. The aesthetic value and cultural pervasiveness of design has increased dramatically…”


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